About Us

Why Yamini Engineers

We are the right sized organization for strategic association.

Our anchor customers have turned to us and stayed with us because we offer flexible and customized solutions. Our team has the focus, maturity and experience making us well equipped to handle small as well as large projects.
Optimising Network design and cost is what we do best and this capacity has come to the fore in several client situations with tangible returns to the customer.
Efficacy is a commitment we take seriously and have a qualified, trained, efficient team of professionals to complete projects without time and cost overrun.
We have the experience of having worked with clients from different horizontals and diverse verticals making rapid inroads into almost all business areas.

The Team

Enthusiastic, sincere, focussed on the need to continuously add value to customer to stay in business. All of us are hands on professionals capable of multitasking. What we believe sets us apart is our habit of understanding customer requirements properly prior to supplying products and solutions. At Yamini, the team is lean ,agile and competent to take on projects of diverse complexities and execute them to the satisfaction of customers. Our OFC splicing and testing team is highly skilled with ability to think on their feet when presented with a challenging site environment and are often complimented for their problem solving skills.

Where we lack resources or expertise, we have access to professionals who collaborate with us in completing projects within agreed time frame without unnecessary cost escalation.

Optical Fibre Splicing & Testing Service