Yamini Engineers has a comprehensive portfolio of products to suit diverse requirements. Our product range in inventory includes backbone OFC , LIUs, optical connectors and adapters, optical assemblies and a wide range of media converters & Ethernet switches.
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8/24 ports
Fast Ethernet 10/100BaseT or Gigabit Ethernet 10/100/1000BaseT
With/without small form factor pluggable fiber modules(SFP)
Also available in Industrial grade

Media Converters (Ethernet):
Fast Ethernet 10/100BaseT to 100FX, Singlemode ( upto 15Km) and Multimode (upto 2Km)
Gigabit Ethernet 10/100/1000 to 1000LX Singlemode(upto 15Km) or 1000SX Multimode (Upto 550m on 50um fiber)
Power supply: External 230VAC, 50Hz Power adapter provided
Fiber port: SC or LC

Media Converters(Serial):
RS485/422/232 to Singlemode ( upto 15Km) or Multimode (upto 2Km)
Power supply: 24VDC
Fiber port: SC
DIN rail mountable

RS485(PROFIBUS) to Singlemode ( upto 10Km) or Multimode (upto 2Km)
Power supply: 24VDC
Fiber port: ST or LC
DIN rail mountable