Yamini Engineers has a comprehensive portfolio of products to suit diverse requirements. Our product range in inventory includes backbone OFC , LIUs, optical connectors and adapters, optical assemblies and a wide range of media converters & Ethernet switches.
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Mini Joint Closure 
Mini closure for splicing upto 12F
Can be installed underground and aerially.
Supplied with splice protection sleeves, cable ties etc
Can take upto 4 cables of 10mm overall diameter
Dimension: 300 x 107 x 38mm(LBH)

Dome Type Closures
Both heat shrink type and mechanical sealing type
Upto 144F
Cable entry ports – Four. Can take upto 4 cables of 17.5mm diameter plus 1 oval port for loop cable of upto 24mm diameter.
Dimension: 450 x230mm (L x D)